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Royal Doulton Figurines And Other Fine China Collectibles

Royal Doulton has been producing some of the world's most desired ceramic collectibles and bone china since the mid 1800s. Indeed no matter where you travel in the world the Royal Doulton moniker is synonymous with the finest china this world has ever seen. Royal Doulton was known simply as Doulton until 1901 when they were honored with a "royal warrant" by King Edward. A royal warrant is an honor awarded to a person or company that has consistently delivered the highest quality goods or services to the royal family. A royal warrant is considered to be a sign of peerless excellence and skill and with this great honor bestowed upon them the company took the name Royal Doulton. In addition they created a new and more prestigious logo which consisted of the famous British lion. Royal Doulton English china is still prized by aficionados of fine bone china for its delicate beauty and exemplary quality.

Some of Royal Doulton's most popular collectible items are their decorative Toby and character jugs. The distinctive designs of Royal Doulton Toby jugs and character jugs have earned them a great deal of admiration over the years. Royal Doulton is also quite well known for their beautiful handpainted figurines. Their detailed craftsmanship and superior quality is considered by many collectors to be unparalleled in the world of decorative figurines. Their most famous collection is the Pretty Lady figurine series which was introduced in 1913.

Throughout their history Royal Doulton has innovated in a multitude of ways in order to consistently produce the finest products. Royal Doulton's English chinaware, porcelain figurines, character jugs and Toby mugs are very popular with collectors and admirers of fine china all over the world. Here at The Prudent Collector we are pleased to help you find the best prices on Royal Doulton china and collectibles of all types.

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