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Quezal Art Glass

The Quezal Art Glass Company was founded in the early 1900s and produced many beautiful art glass creations. Quezal's art glass works included bowls, vases, candleholders, compotes and lighting fixtures. Quezal's glass creations have earned much acclaim for their luminous, shimmering interiors and brilliant metallic exteriors. Many of their pieces also featured beautiful iridescent finishes and designs which were inspired by nature. Quezal was considered to be a major rival of Louis Comfort Tiffany's glass as they produced iridescent glass which was widely regarded to be of the same high quality as Tiffany's glass. Quezal produced art glass until 1924 when they closed their doors. Many of their artists were then hired by Durand Glass which had recently begun producing art glass. Quezal art glass items continue to be very popular with art glass collectors to this very day. Here at The Prudent Collector we are pleased to help you find the best prices on Quezal art glass collectibles of all types.

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