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Rookwood Pottery

Rookwood Pottery was founded in 1880 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its founder, Marie Longworth Nichols, was a talented artist who enjoyed painting blank china tableware. She founded the pottery company when she decided to turn her hobby into a business. Rookwood's pottery quickly became quite popular due to its quality craftsmanship and innovative artistry. Rookwood consistently exceeded the quality standards of nearly all competing American art pottery makers. As a matter of fact Rookwood was one of just a few pottery producers that marked items as seconds for the most minor imperfections. Rookwood employed a team of chemists who created a number of distinctive glazes that proved to be very popular in the pottery world. In the early 1900's Rookwood began producing architectural pottery, primarily tiles which were rather popular with builders at the time. For many years Rookwood continued to produce a variety of fine pottery items including vases, pitchers, decanters, bowls and other decorative and functional items.

In 1959 Rookwood moved their production facilities to Starkville, Mississippi after they were purchased by another company. In 1967 they ceased production due to continuing financial problems. However in 1982 Rookwood's assets were purchased by an art pottery collector who then proceeded to produce small quantities of pottery in order to keep the Rookwood name and trademarks alive. In 2006 he sold the assets to another art pottery lover who had a vision of restoring Rookwood to its former glory. The company was moved back to Cincinnati and production resumed. We certainly look forward to this new era of Rookwood pottery!

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