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Daum Nancy Crystal & Art Glass

Daum is highly respected by crystal and art glass collectors worldwide for their stunningly beautiful works which include figurines and sculptures, bowls, vases and perfume bottles. Daum was founded in 1875 by Jean Daum in Nancy, France where the company remains based to this day. Due to their location their creations are commonly referred to as Daum Nancy. During the Art Nouveau period from 1890 to 1914 Jean's sons, Auguste Daum and Antonin Daum oversaw operations.

Daum is currently the only commercial crystal maker to employ the pâte de verre method of creating crystal and art glass figurines and sculptures. The pâte de verre process consists of creating a glass paste which is applied to the surface of a mold. After the paste is applied the piece is fired. The great benefit of this method is that it allows the glass maker to precisely control the location of the glass colors in the mold. Other methods of filling a mold usually result in the colors moving from the location in which they were originally applied. The pâte de verre process greatly minimizes this color shifting.

For authentication purposes all authentic Daum pieces have a mark which consists of the words Daum Nancy and the Cross of Lorraine - a double cross. Except for a few rare exceptions a piece which is not marked in this manner is most likely to be a fake or forgery. This includes pieces which are marked Daum Nancy but do not include the cross.

Daum has collaborated with many highly distinguished artists such as Salvador Dali, Paloma Picasso and Arman. Daum continues to produce some of the world's most breathtaking fine collectibles. Here at The Prudent Collector we are pleased to help you find the best prices on Daum crystal and art glass.

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