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Lotton Art Glass

Lotton Art Glass was founded in 1970 by self-taught glass artist Charles Lotton. In the beginning his studio was a small shop in his backyard but by 1973 a move to larger facilities was necessary. Charles became quite well known for his experimention with glass formulas and colors and the glass studio quickly rose to stellar heights in the art glass world. Charles's magnificent glassblowing skill and unique artistic vision gave birth to some of the world's most awe inspiring art glass creations. He was soon joined by his sons Daniel Lotton and John Lotton who brought their own individual and equally impressive styles to Lotton Glass. Lotton art glass can be found in the permanent collections of numerous prestigious museums including the Smithsonian Institute and the Corning Museum of Glass.

Charles's other son David formed his own art glass studio, David Lotton Glass Designs. Both family studios have provided the world with some of the most beautiful art glass creations imaginable. Their rich and diverse creations have included vases, bowls, sculptures, paperweights, perfume bottles and lamps. David's son Jeremiah Lotton has worked with his father for several years learning the trade and is now creating his own beautiful art glass creations.

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