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Blenko Glass

The Blenko Glass Company has been creating a wide variety of beautiful glass items since 1893. Blenko was founded by William John Blenko in Kokomo, Indiana. Prior to the formation of the now world-famous glassmaking company all mouth blown or antique sheet glass for stained glass windows came from European manufacturers. In the United States there existed a prejudice among American window makers against stained glass manufactured in the U.S. due to a mistaken belief that it could not compare in quality to glass from Europe. Blenko changed that and to this very day they are still the only American maker of mouth blown sheet glass, making them a true standout in the American art glass industry.

In 1929 William Blenko realized that the company needed to expand beyond stained glass in order to weather the severe economic downturn during the Great Depression. He hired more skilled glass craftsmen and soon Blenko was producing beautiful glassware such as vases, bowls, decanters and pitchers. Blenko Glass is still owned and run by the Blenko family and their glass items continue to be very popular with art glass collectors. Here at The Prudent Collector we are pleased to help you find the best prices on Blenko glass collectibles.

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