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The History of M.I. Hummel Figurines

M.I. Hummel figurines are adored by collectors around the world for their unique beauty and charm. Here at The Prudent Collector we are glad to share the history of these beloved figurines with you.

Hummel figurines were a product of the artistic vision of Berta Hummel. Berta Hummel was born in 1909 in rural Bavaria and from an early age she displayed an incredible artistic ability. She was encouraged to develop her skills by her Catholic schoolteachers throughout her adolescent years. In 1927, she enrolled in the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich, Germany. She soon became friends with two Franciscan Sisters from the Convent of Siessen, a teaching order which emphasized the religious aspects of artwork.

In 1931, after graduation, Berta made the decision to devote her life and artwork to the service of God and entered the Convent of Siessen. As part of her conversion she took the name of Maria Innocentia Hummel. She continued to create beautiful works of art which soon came to the attention of the Goebel porcelain company. After receiving assurances that they would remain true to her vision Sister Hummel granted the Goebel company permission to turn her drawings into the M. I. Hummel figurines which would soon be famous around the world. They were introduced to the world in 1935 and their success was immediate as they quickly caught the eyes of European buyers. Over the next several years their popularity continued to grow in Germany and beyond as collectors around the world were enchanted by their beauty and charm.

Sadly, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel died an untimely death in 1946 at the age of 37. Thankfully for Hummel collectors she left a collection of drawings which are still used to this day by Goebel to produce new figurines. The Convent of Siessen works with Goebel to ensure that Sister Hummel's vision is kept pure with each new creation and Hummel figurines continue to be one of the world's most cherished collectables.

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