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Lladro Norman Rockwell Figurines

In 1983 Lladro issued a series of seven figurines which were based upon paintings by beloved American artist Norman Rockwell. They were released as limited edition figurines and only 5,000 of each was produced until 1991 when they were permanently retired. A bit of interesting trivia - the Rockwell series is distinct from other Lladro figurines produced at the time as they did not possess the distinctive flower logo above the Lladro stamp. Over the years this wonderful collection has continued to grow in popularity among collectors of fine Lladro porcelain collectibles.

The seven figurines in the Norman Rockwell collection are:

  • Court Jester #1405 - Sculptor: Salvador Furió
  • Love Letters #1406 - Sculptor: Salvador Debón
  • Summer Stock #1407 - Sculptor: Salvador Debón
  • Practice Makes Perfect #1408 - Sculptor: Salvador Debón
  • Young Love #1409 - Sculptor: Salvador Debón
  • Springtime of '27 #1410 - Sculptor: Salvador Furió
  • Day Dreamer #1411 - Sculptor: Salvador Furió
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