M.I. Hummel #347 Adventure Bound Figurines

Some of the most popular and very collectible M.I. Hummel figurines are the larger pieces that Goebel produced over the years. One excellent example of these larger figurines is Hummel #347 Adventure Bound. This figurine is a rather complicated piece and features 7 little boys headed off on an adventure. It is also referred to as “Seven Swabians” by some Hummel aficionados. The piece measures 8″ long by 7-1/4″ high. It was originally created by Theo R. Menzenbach in the 1950’s as a sample. Production versions were not released until 1971 however. Since then it has always been manufactured in limited numbers since it’s very difficult to produce due to its intricacy. This scarcity of course great adds to its value on the secondary market.

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