Glass Art Society 40th Annual Conference

The Glass Art Society has proudly announced that they will be holding their 40th Annual International Conference in Louisville, Kentucky from June 10 through June 12.

This is truly going to be a major arts event which will have something for everybody, especially artists, collectors, scholars, students and educators. The conference will bring international recognition to Louisville and its arts community.

“In order to mark the 40th anniversary of the Glass Art Society, the host city had to represent and embody the ingenuity and creativity that makes glass art stand out as a medium. Louisville was selected because ingenuity and possibility are trademarks of the city. Louisville’s nascent but burgeoning glass scene offers an opportunity for individual and community growth rivaled by few other locales,” commented Pamela Koss, Executive Director of the Glass Art Society.

The GAS 2010 conference is a region-wide collaboration of artists, educators, businesses, galleries, museums, collectors, and hot shops that will attract international recognition to the Louisville arts community in connection with the Glass Art Society’s 40th annual conference. Some of the participating artists include: Stephen Rolfe Powell, dubbed the “Father of Kentucky Glass”, Lino Tagliapietra, Carman Lozar, Ben Edols, Emilio Santini, Richard Jolley, Judith Schaechter, Stephen Knapp, Ken Von Roenn, Arlon Bayliss and many more.

For more information on attending the conference visit the Glass Art Society

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